Japanese Language Class for Beginners

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* From FY 2024 onward, the Japanese Language Classes will be operated by the Setagaya Intercultural Center (Crossing Setagaya). For inquiries about Japanese language classes, please contact the Setagaya Intercultural Center (Crossing Setagaya) directly.

 Contact Information

Setagaya Intercultural Center (Crossing Setagaya)

Address: Carrot Tower 2F, 4-1-1 Taishido, Setgaya

Tel: 03-5432-1538

HP: https://crossing-setagaya.com/

* You will be redirected to the Setagaya Intercultural Center (Crossing Setagaya) page.

※In addition, other local Japanese language classes run by volunteers can be               accessed through the links below.

【List of Japanese language classes in the City of Setagaya】



生活文化政策部 文化・国際課(国際・多文化共生担当)

電話番号 03-6304-3439

ファクシミリ 03-6304-3710